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    Experience TeeVeeing with SOMETHERE HERE.

    Home is where
    your TV is.

    TV-ing Abroad via Satellite for Expats & Travellers made easy.
    Your Local Channels Throughout Europe with access to UK,
    French, Irish, and German channels directly from the satellite
    on all your screens out of the country.

    Read on to learn more about how our service product works.

    TV basics, tied to roots.

    View anywhere with TeeVeeing.

    TeeVeeing revitalises classic satellite receiver equipment, ideal for expatriates and holiday-goers who wish to stay connected to their cultural roots by accessing TV from their home countries. With a TeeVeeing membership enjoy the freely available Free-To-Air broadcasts from the UK, France, Ireland, and Germany without installing a dish on your roof or using a VPN.

    Your rental consists of satellite equipment as shared facilities, like an apartment building with a communal dish. Become a member to get personal real-time access to this equipment, scan for satellite beams within reach (footprint), and you can watch unmodified FTA broadcasts for free with the remote control apps that work on your TV, PC, laptop, TV box, tablet, and smartphone.

    How does it work?

    Securing a TV future in Europe.

    TeeVeeing keeps expatriates and holiday-goers connected to their home countries using traditional satellite receiver equipment. With a paid membership, you rent the equipment that enables you to access Free-To-Air broadcasts from the UK, France, Ireland, and Germany without needing a dish on your roof or a VPN. Your equipment is housed in a shared facility, similar to living in an apartment building with a communal dish. It allows you to scan for satellite signals within your reach (inside the satellite footprint) and receive the satellite broadcasts via a user interface that functions like a traditional TV set, offering personal, real-time, unmodified broadcasts directly to your TV, PC, laptop, TV box, tablet, and smartphone. 

    We charge a modest fee that only covers our specialised technical service. This includes additional perks such as a TV guide, access to FTA radio, and the option to buy a cloud-enabled personal video recorder.

    TeeVeeing does not broadcast, re-transmit, restream, re-distribute, or alter the content, and we do not append advertising or seek profit from these transmissions. We only charge a nominal membership fee for the technical service delivered. When watching free-to-air TV broadcasts abroad, check if your home and destination countries require a TV licence to avoid fines or legal issues. Non-compliance may result in membership suspension.

    Perks and benefits.

    Seamless setup, supreme convenience.

    The TV channel list is installed and accessible via easy and intuitive
    navigation through a wide selection of channels and programs.



    Set up is a breeze with no basic need for complicated installations, Internet configurations or manual adjustments.

    Rapid Access

    Intuitive Channel

    Channels can be organised logically by alphabet, number, popularity or customise it in any way you see fit.

    Intuitive Use

    7-day Program Guide.

    Access over a week of programming information instantly on your TV and all your other connected devices.

    Stay Connected

    Smart Alerts and Simple Recording.

    Set reminders and record shows effortlessly, ensuring you never miss your favourites.

    Detailed Program Info

    Program Info

    You can view all necessary details, such as titles, pictures, schedules, cast, and synopses, at a glance on TV and devices.

    Broad Selection


    Easily explore channels by category or find programs by genre, whether it's films, sports, kids' shows, or cooking.

    Rent it now price.

    Where can I receive access using TeeVeeing?

    TeeVeeing satellite dishes can receive streams from:

    Your Membership Fee Pays For.


    Virtualised Satellite Receiver Box (VSRB).

    Personal license for the Virtualised Satellite
    Receiver Box equipment, which also performs
    auto-format-conversion to the standard playable
    formats for TVs and other devices.


    Virtualised Satellite Receiver Box (VSRB).

    Rent a Virtual Satellite Middleware Solution and
    shared hardware receiving equipment housed in
    a shared satellite dish antenna facility. This
    provides an efficient and cost-effective way to
    access and manage satellite broadcasts.


    Control Apps Suite (CAS).

    Free access to remote control apps for
    seamless operation on TVs and various
    devices, providing a TV-like interface for
    switching between live channels.


    Multiple Devices Support (MDS).

    View broadcasts directly on your TV, PC,
    laptop, TV box, tablet, and smartphone,
    with an intuitive interface for live channel


    Enriching information.

    Delivered over the Internet, this includes a
    7-day program guide with detailed info
    banners and enhanced discovery tools to
    explore channels and genres.

    So you will be able to get.


    Access to International FTA Broadcasts.

    Watch Free-To-Air satellite broadcasts
    from either the UK, France, Ireland, or
    Germany, depending on your motherland,
    without installing a dish or using a VPN.


    Secure Connection.

    Use of dedicated traditional satellite
    receiver technology that ensures a direct,
    personal connection to FTA broadcasts.


    Broadcast Integrity.

    Provisioning an uninterrupted line of
    communication to the authentic and
    integer live TV satellite broadcast signals
    where you will receive them intact,
    unaltered, and original.

    Additional options.

    Cloud-based PVR: Members can purchase a plan that offers Personal Cloud Video
    Recording (CVR), which enables them to trigger recordings of live broadcasts, that
    are stored in their personal online space.

    Experience TeeVeeing with SOMETHERE HERE.